Walkable Town Plans

We create walkable communities, also known as New Urbanist communities.

That is, we build, and help others build, neighborhoods the way they were built before 1940: town squares and/or Main Streets with sidewalk cafes, window shopping and offices above; alleys behind the houses; large, deep, elevated front porches; narrow streets; canopies of trees; and important places within a five-minute, safe, pleasant walk – schools, stores and parks. Our work entails:


- Designing,
- Entitling,
- Growing community support,
- Organizing charrettes, and
- Finding the right New Urbanist specialists to make the final result look as great as the best, old neighborhoods.


Sustainability fits well with walkability, so we excel there too.

Our aim is not to mimic the past. Walkability is just a better way to live. A person under 16 does not have to depend on his or her parents to go everywhere. A parent does not have to be a chauffeur so much. And a senior can still live a rich life after diminishing eyesight makes driving unsafe.

When people walk they talk. A good street, therefore, is not just a traffic place. It is a social place. You can once again know your neighbors – all your neighbors – just as Americans did in pre-sprawl days.

Follow the right design principles and property values triple, neighbors meet, carbon footprints shrink, and obesity and heart disease cut short fewer lives.

Our older communities were not built by a lost race of men. We can build places just as great. We formed the Red Leaf Village Company and its consulting arm, Walkable Town Plans, to do just that.

We would love to help you do the same.